The Terrace Guest House

July 4-8, 2019


"Gettysburg Reenactment"

New Market, MD

The Terrace Guest House- Civil War-Gettysburg
Who: DADS & male caregivers, spouses of veterans, & special ed teachers welcome Where: New Market, MD When: July 4-8, 2019 Guests: 6 private rooms Cost: $0. Donation or gift-registry purchase appreciated. Included: 4 nights lodging, meals are on your own

What to Expect on an AMR Retreat

FREE!  4 nights of peace, sleep and friendship with other dads who already understand your challenges!    OPEN KITCHEN, meals are the responsibility of the guests collectively.   Cook in or eat out, it's entirely up to you.   Enjoy three days of fellowship experiencing the Battle of Gettysburg up close and personal.  Completely casual, sleep as long as you want. Zero expectations of you. You don't even have to come out of your room if you don't want to :)    In lieu of a registration fee, guests are encouraged to make a donation to our general fund and/or a purchase from our Amazon Inn-Warming registry 


A Mother's Rest Charitable Respite  Foundation

501c3 ID: 81-4965846

Virginia SCC ID: 08172710

Maryland FC ID: 0003682488

Donation Mailing Address:

32 W. Main St  New Market, MD 21774


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