New Day Guest Barn
January 6-9, 2023
Clarksville, IA

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New Day Guest Barn-Iowa 2023
Who: Moms or female caregivers of children, adults, or spouses with any extra need Where: Clarksville, IA When: January 6-9, 2023 Guests: 3 private rooms, each with a private bath. Cost: $165 + trans and food Included: 3 nights lodging, breakfast daily

What to Expect on an AMR Retreat

3 nights of peace, sleep and friendship with other SN moms and adult female caregivers who already understand your challenges!    Breakfast daily.   Transportation and other meals extra. Total lodging cost only $165 per guest!    Private baths .   Completely casual, sleep as long as you want. Zero expectations of you. You don't even have to come out of your room if you don't want to :)    No planned activities, no group obligations.  ** Tickets are non-refundable if you have to cancel, but revert to a tax-deductible donation that further supports AMR's respite programs **