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High Point Retreat
October 25-29, 2024
Mentone, AL

**4-night VRBO retreat **

AL-VRBO-High Point Retreat-Mentone.png
High Point-AL-VRBO Oct 2024
High Point-AL-VRBO Oct 2024
Who: SN Moms, Adoptive Moms, & Other Adult Female Caregivers Where: Mentone, AL When: October 25-29, 2024 Rooms: 8 rooms, 6 private & shared baths Cost: $225 per guest Included: 4 nights lodging, no meals

What to Expect on an AMR Retreat

High Point Retreat is one of our first VRBO partners as we expand into offering more respite opportunities to our moms and caregivers.  FOUR nights of peace, sleep and friendship with other special needs moms, adoptive moms, & adult female caregivers who already understand your challenges!   No breakfast provided, but you can fix your own or go out.    Total lodging cost for 4 nights is only $225 per guest!  (8) bedrooms and (6) baths.  Completely casual, sleep as long as you want. Zero expectations of you.  No calendar, no schedule, completely free-style.  You don't even have to come out of your room if you don't want to :)  *** Should you have to cancel, ticket payments are non-refundable.  Your payment will revert to a tax-deductible contribution that further supports AMR's caregiver respite programs ***

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