Special Needs Trusts

& Long term care planning

At AMR, anything that offers parents & caregivers *peace of mind* qualifies as "respite".   Preparing financially  for the future care of their disabled loved ones  is something too many families wait way too long to begin.  


Being able to save money as children, and earn their own money as working adults, without risking SSI benefits, is new legislation now available in all states (as of 2016).  It requires very little to open an account, but could mean the difference in quality of adult care & services when you're not here.   AND your contributions are eligible for state level tax deductions.  

There are multiple ways for parents and other family members to save for LTC costs.   Contact innkeeper@amothersrest.org for more info!

Helping him live his best life: nothing makes you happier. Our only goal is making that easier. 

The less you’re worrying about her future finances, the more you can enjoy all the little moments with her. 

A helpful article from The Baltimore Sun explaining the real-life benefits of ABLE accounts. 


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