Employer Benefits Program

Our EB program makes it easy for employers to help their staff  who are parents raising disabled children.  

Many parents of disabled children have to make difficult career decisions (and sacrifices) to best serve and care for their children's needs.  But many must continue to work full-time outside the house to financially support their families, despite the greater demands at home.

From small business owners to large corporations, taking care of your valued employees through proactive health care is a win-win! 

Employers can:

  1. Purchase AMR retreat gift certificates for your eligible staff several times a year (moms & dads)

  2. Offer paid respite time off as one of your stated health benefits

  3. Cover a portion of the cost of private child care support at home

  4. Support flexible tele-work options or schedule.

  5. Sponsor an AMR retreat 

  6. Partner with AMR to support special needs parents nationally.