child care
"Who takes care of my child while I'm on retreat?"

The top two factors why parents can't or don't take proactive, healthy time away for themselves are COST and LACK OF CHILD CARE.  Even with a spouse at home, it is still a burden for one parent to be gone for 3 whole days without help.  When we think about single moms, or couples (who also need time away for their marriage), how can AMR make these respite opportunities available to them?

You can help expand special needs child care options for parents by contributing to AMR's Child Care Fund, and making it possible for parents to hire who they choose, without the restrictions of Medicaid and DDA Waivers. 

NEEDED:  Partnerships with existing, licensed organizations who provide experienced respite care givers across the country.   Examples:,, Jill's House, local ARC and Easter Seals, university Special Ed students, etc.  

NEEDED: funding to support the private costs of these care providers, allowing greater choice for parents to not be limited by Medicaid.

NEEDED:  an experienced volunteer to help AMR coordinate these new partnerships!