Dreamers coffee comes in three blends and five sizes for your convenience! 

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Dreamers Blend: a medium, smooth roast with a maple cherry finish!   That finish really sets this blend apart from ANY other coffee out there!  You'll never drink another coffee once you try Dreamers.  Specialty grade, 100% rain forest certified organic from Honduras.

Wake ME Up:  bold blend, specialty grade from Guatemala, rain forest certified and fair trade value.

To Di For: DECAF, 100% specialty grade from Colombia. Named after the founder of Dreamers, Diane Grover. 

  1. 5 pound bag: $65

  2. 2 pound bag: $30

  3. 12 ounce bag: $15

  4. 2.5 oz single pot/sample: $5

  5. K-Cups: $1.25 each or discounted when you order in volume.  12-36-100-250