Derby Day 2019

The Terrace Guest House

New Market, MD

May 4, 2019

Ladies, get out of those stretch pants and put your face on, you've got a party to go to!


In addition to our registered retreat guests for this weekend, we're hosting a fun, fabulous garden party on Saturday, May 4, 2019 to celebrate Kentucky Derby Day!  Throw on a simple dress, a little bit of bling, and get a fabulous hat (available at low cost on Amazon (search for derby hat) or borrow one of ours!)

** Free PHOTO SHOOTS with Oh Goodness Gracious photography (individual, group, & candids)

** Catered lunch/finger foods from a local merchant

** Fun music and great conversation as our gardens come into full bloom

** More amazing offerings TBD

**GIFT SHOP will be open!


A Mother's Rest Charitable Respite  Foundation

501c3 ID: 81-4965846

Virginia SCC ID: 08172710

Maryland FC ID: 0003682488

Donation Mailing Address:

32 W. Main St  New Market, MD 21774


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