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Endowments & Estate Planning

A Mother's Rest and all of our associated outreach programs are created to serve struggling special needs families....parents struggling with finances, time, stress, poor health, inadequate rest, and lack of support.  The last thing they need is to have to endure endless fundraisers! 

A Mother's Rest is filling many gaps in service, bringing them all under one roof of respite.  Generous endowments, estate trusts, corporate sponsorship, foundation grants, civic and church group support, and state and federal appropriations are the best way to fund these endeavors without expecting the families who need us the most to foot the bill.  

We are actively seeking a trusted investment/financial partner to set up and manage this fund for us.  Our Endowment Campaign and the resulting interest earned can help fund not only our national respite retreats, but our Raising Appalachia program,  Summer Camp Grants, Cornerstone Cafe, and planned retirement community!  

Come help us create this paradigm shift in the disability community by ensuring the future of A Mother's Rest! 

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