Thank you!

Your donation is a life-altering gift of rest for hundreds of Southeast Region parents & caregivers every year.  A Mother's Rest at Lawton Place Manor will a beautiful, warm, welcoming sanctuary for our guests, just like our flagship inn in Maryland.

Lawton Place Manor will be open year-round, every weekend, FREE OF CHARGE, to all eligible caregivers.  Our retreats are completely free-style, where guests can sleep as long as they want, and have fellowship with others who understand their life challenges, if they so desire.  The intimate setting we provide is very conducive to new friendships and healing.

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Please keep your receipt from GoFundMe for tax purposes.  All donations are tax deductible.  And as a non-profit, the fee rates is the exact same as giving through Paypal.  You can even include a little extra to help offset those costs. 


Our GoFundMe page will be open through February of 2020 only!  

You can also follow along on our AMAZON WISH LIST!  All purchases from the wishlist must be made prior to Feb 1, 2020.  Please keep your receipt from there as well;  that counts as a cash donation also. 



A Mother's Rest Charitable Respite  Foundation

501c3 ID: 81-4965846

Virginia SCC ID: 08172710

Maryland FC ID: 0003682488

Donation Mailing Address:

32 W. Main St  New Market, MD 21774


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