Grants for the 2017 Buddy Cruise

Help us give the trip of a lifetime for an #extraneeds mom or family!    


The Buddy Cruise is a special educational conference at sea exclusively for parents and families of those with extra needs.  Buddy Cruise is serving in it's 10th year now!   In October 2017, they sail with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines from Port Canaveral, FL to the Bahamas and back for five days of relaxation, education, and fellowship.

FUNDRAISING GOAL:  provide funding for up to (10) #extraneeds MOMS or families to attend BC17.  If we exceed our goal, we will make those funds available to additional families as needed.  90%  will fund THIS TRIP, and 10% will support the basic operating expenses at AMR.  


  1. DONATE ONLINE or with a check to this GENERAL BUDDY CRUISE FUNDRAISER to help the moms who have requested grant help.  Mail checks to PO Box 131  Monrovia, MD  21770

  2. Purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE (sep from this fundraiser) to assist a specific mom you know personally.

  3. Advertise your small business on our t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs and magnets! 

  4. SHARE this fundraiser!  Crowdfunding can meet this goal SO FAST! 

  5. Have questions?  ASK US! 

(L) Andrea Roberts, Founder of A Mother's Rest
(R) Pamela Arnoldson, Founder of Buddy Cruise


A Mother's Rest Charitable Respite  Foundation

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