Indian Summer Lake House
May 6-9, 2022
Monticello, KY
*** Mother's Day Weekend ***

Indian Summer Lake House-Mother's Day 2022
Who: Moms & female caregivers of loved ones with disabilities Where: Monticello, KY When: May 6-9, 2021 Guests: 5 private rooms, some shareable, each with a private bath. Cost: $160 + transportation and food Included: 3 nights lodging, breakfast daily Additional: In-House Massage just $50!

What to Expect on an AMR Retreat

Three nights of peace, sleep and friendship with other moms & female caregivers who already understand your challenges!    Breakfast daily.   This venue is a more rustic B&B, which offers art projects and outdoor activities.   GREAT location to go with friends you already know to share rooms!  NO WIFI or CABLE, but hotspot is available.  Total lodging cost only $160 per guest!  One guest per room, $40 each additional guest.  Private baths.  Completely casual, sleep as long as you want. Zero expectations of you. You don't even have to come out of your room if you don't want to :)  *** Tickets are non-refundable if you have to cancel.  Your payment will revert to a tax-deductible donation to further support AMR's respite programs ***

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