Financial Transparency

The legal structure of A Mother's Rest is comprised of two separate entities.   This sets the precedent for the integrity and transparency of the mission.  


The Home Base is set up as an L3C organization, or Benefit Corp, in the state of Maryland.  The innkeeper currently resides in Maryland, even though the "first choice" property is in Virginia. An L3C or Benefit Corp is essentially an LLC, structured from the beginning specifically for low profit and with a stated charitable, socially beneficial mission. Being set up as an L3C invites capital investors and the potential for silent partnership.  We do qualify to receive year-end funding from private foundations for tax purposes.  The reason for choosing this particular property is so that it can remain (or be brought back into) our family for future generations.  The house will remain permanently in the sole legal ownership of the Innkeeper.   It will not be an asset of the secondary non-profit foundation, and will not be funded by proceeds raised through the NPF.  However, all funds earned through our programs, guests and advertising will roll back into the business to pay salaries, advertising, accounting, housekeeping, maintenance, property taxes, business taxes, etc.  By law, all business tax filings must be reviewed by a 3rd party and made public, much like a 501c3 non profit.


The other programs we offer (sponsoring mother visits, child care, summer camp grants, and local Virginia family assistance, will all be handled through a legitimate 501c3 non profit charitable foundation.  The entity was filed January 13, 2017 in the State of Virginia as A Mother's Rest Charitable Respite Foundation, Tax ID 81-4965846.  Any donations to these programs, in service to the families and children, will be tax deductible to the donors.  Both monetary and in-kind donations will be accepted.   There are also associated costs with running a non profit, including salaries, accounting, etc, which we aim to keep at below 10% gross revenue.

The Innkeeper of A Mother's Rest is an experienced, trustworthy, responsible steward of charitable funding.    She has served more than (23) years in sales, marketing and customer service.    She has spent the last 15 years'  in both the private and Non Profit sectors, managing over $13 million in raised funds advocating for disabled children.  She is well versed in the financial intricacies of charitable reporting.   As a parent of a  child with special needs, she is driven by a generous heart of service and an innate understanding of those  life challenges.   A Mother's Rest is the perfect candidate for L3C status.

If you are interested in supporting A Mother's Rest through Charter Sponsorship and/or Silent Partner investment, please contact for more information.  


A Mother's Rest Charitable Respite  Foundation

501c3 ID: 81-4965846

Virginia SCC ID: 08172710

Maryland FC ID: 0003682488

Donation Mailing Address:

32 W. Main St  New Market, MD 21774


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