Last Minute List

"Many hands make for light work"

Our Last Minute List is just as valuable to caregivers (moms AND dads) as the larger, organized, full inn group retreats.

ANY TIME OF YEAR, your inn can make a difference for a local  special needs parent in your community in need of rest.  Just one room, for two-three  nights, at no charge to the parent is all we ask!


There are a few ways you can help with last minute individual respite.

  1. Make your inn available for last minute requests (when we learn of moms or dads in your local area who need help)

  2. Set aside your smallest room for one weekend a month.

  3. Set aside your smallest room for one weekend a quarter.


As with the full inn retreats, your inn will be prominently displayed in multiple spots on our website.  We will provide you with brochures and drink coasters to share year-round at your location.  The full value of your in-kind room donations is eligible for advertising expense deduction.  We will document each of those offerings and provide you with a receipt in January.  

Add our logo to your home page to proudly show your guests that you're an "Inn Who Gives Back"! 

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A Mother's Rest Charitable Respite  Foundation

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