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With the power and ease of social media sharing, you can help A Mother's Rest reach and *serve* EVERY extra needs caregiver in the United States.  Regardless of income level or background, every parent can benefit from respite, and AMR can design our retreats to serve all of them.   
We need  savvy volunteers to help us grow our social media platform. 
  1. Facebook Page,  for the public to follow along with general announcements & campaigns

  2. Facebook Group:   private discussion & planning for moms, dads, volunteers, advocates, and donors

  3.  Twitter :  great way to reach people outside our existing extra needs community.  

  4. Newsletters:  need a volunteer to help with this

  5. Text to Donate: coming soon

  6. Video: need help with this!  

  7. Blog: Coming Soon.

  8. YouTube channel:  Coming Soon

  9. Instagram:  someone PLEASE help me understand this! (lol)