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SOME-day? No. TO-day.

I spend 24/7 on Facebook, because that is our greatest tool in sharing A Mother's Rest and reaching out to parents and caregivers in urgent need of our respite offerings. FB is famous for all of the memes, good and bad, but sometimes you get inspirational quotes that really make you think "I need to write a blog post about that".

We parents and caregivers are often strapped, quite legitimately, with our care-giving demands. Many of us live on one income. Even at discounted rates, many of us would literally have to choose between our own health investment and a trip to the grocery store. Many of us have no qualified or experienced family or friends to keep our charges so we CAN get away. Many of us do not qualify for Medicaid or state respite hours, and even if we do, there is such a shortage of qualified caregivers that we still have no one to help.

The meme I posted here is inspirational. It might also be irritating to somebody who simply has no help, and keeps thinking "Andrea, stop trying to encourage me, stop trying to give me hope that I will ever be able to participate in your retreats". And I say to YOU, "stop not trying". Let these retreats BE your hope. Let these retreats give you the courage (or a little bit of energy) to potentially seek out other options for child care. Come talk to me and let's see how we might be able to help you one on one. I just don't believe in NO. Stop saying "someday I might get to go". Your obstacles are cost and lack of child-care. A Mother's Rest can likely help you with both.

Let's get started. TO-day.

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