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2023 Mommy & Me!

Registration opens in just 6 days!

It's hard to believe that 2022's Mommy & Me has come and gone. What an AMAZING weekend, with (150) guests, our largest ever! But it's already time to register for 2023!!

Our Mommy & Me event is a special time where moms (most often the primary caregivers) have time away with their neurotypical children to re-connect. You can read more about the WHY behind this gathering at

We offer this opportunity so early so that you have plenty of time to plan, prepare, and save up. And this year, when you purchase a personalized brick in support our our year-round respite inn in NORTH Georgia, you'll be entered to win the amazing Presidential Suite!

Registration opens PROMPTLY at 10am eastern time on MONDAY, APRIL 4. We have (54) rooms in our block, and they will all be booked in MINUTES. Please have your computer or laptop ready early (easier than on your phone).

Use the attached 2023 Jekyll Island Room Rates/Descriptions to understand the various room types available and to know which kind your family will need before registration opens.

2023 Mommy & Me Rates
Download PDF • 352KB

If you miss the early registration, please add yourself to the wait list! We have many cancellations throughout the year, and many more opportunities to get your room booked.

We look forward to seeing you next year!!


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