Special Needs Church Programs/VBS

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The ability for extra-needs parents to attend church uninterrupted is truly a luxury.  That is a sad state of affairs. Regardless of a family's faith, they need to be able to lean into their church family for help and comfort throughout their parenting journey.  Too many churches are simply not well-versed enough (no pun intended!) to support the needs of these children or their parents, leaving families feeling even more isolated.

There is no question that every single church, temple, or other house of worship is intended to function as *extended family* and support the needs of their fellowship accordingly.  The same is true for the needs of adoptive families.   If you have a special needs family in your congregation and aren't sure how to be of the best service to them, A Mother's Rest may be able to give you some guidance! 

Even if you don't have children with extra needs in your fellowship, your church can invite new membership by offering  VBS summer programs and/or year-round help for parishioners.

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