• Inspirational SN support bloggers

  • Therapeutic specialists

  • Massage therapists

  • Faith counselors/pastors

  • Family counselors

  •  Medical clinicians

  • Health and healing professionals

  • Special needs parenting experts

  • Other SN moms & dads available to fellowship

As a non-profit, we depend on the generous gift of time from therapeutic subject matter experts.  We invite these specialists to volunteer their expertise for just one morning or afternoon during a local-to-them AMR event.  Specialists are also invited to advertise on our site!   Schedule dates and location calendar HERE. 


Contact AMR to join our network of parenting and special needs professionals.

A valuable part of each mom's visit at A Mother's Rest is having expert counselors, psychologists, and experienced parents in fellowship with them.   Extended, restful time with other moms who "get it" can restore a spirit like nothing else.  That is the raw and real of it.  But having an objective, experienced voice of perspective is of great long-term health benefit.  Online support groups are not the same as time away, out of the home element, where parents can truly rest and recharge their  *hearts*.


Our goal is to use A Mother's Rest to bring together the very best inspirational, leadership  and support partners from all over the world to serve our families.   SO many moms struggle in many ways, but don't have a safe place to admit it.    If you are overwhelmed, fatigued, feeling shame, guilt, anxiety, depression...holding all of those things in impacts your health and the lives of everyone around you.  Not being able to acknowledge those things, so you can work through them, is detrimental to everyone, including your child who needs you so much.  


We will utilize our online and social media presence to bring the best together for year-round support through featured blogs, articles, and online support groups.   And we invite them to be  available to you *in person* during your extended stay at A Mother's Rest.  Part of your therapeutic respite experience with us,