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Another provision of respite from A Mother's Rest is the gift of summer camp.   This is a special opportunity for the children, and a much needed break for parents.   

GOAL: to provide grants of up to $2500 for children & adults with disabilities to attend day or sleep-away summer camps. 

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Summer camp can be such a meaningful experience for every child.  Whether it's day camp or sleep-away, kids learn important social and independence skills in this environment.  This is especially valuable for disabled children AND adults, as well as a time of respite for parents too.  Many summer camps already exist to serve these individuals. In partnership with various participating special needs summer camps around the country, offer discounted camper rates and grants towards the costs, to alleviate the financial limitations for these families. 


1) We do not have any funding to offer families. 

2)  We need volunteers to help us build a summer camp resource list for families. 

3) We need a volunteer to serve as a Summer Camp Coordinator, managing the list, fielding family inquiries, and building relationships with camp management teams. 

4) We need  DONORS to financially support our grant fund.

5) We need GRANT WRITERS to seek program funding for this grant pool.

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