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The Terrace Guest House
July 26-292024
New Market, MD
** Exclusively for First-Time Guests of the Terrace Guest House **

The Terrace Guest House-July NEWBIES
The Terrace Guest House-July NEWBIES
Who: Exclusively for *first-time guests* of the Terrace GH Where: New Market, MD When: July 26-29, 2024 Guests: 7 private rooms, private & shared baths Requested Donation: $70-$250 (additional donations appreciated) Included: 3 nights lodging, meals are on your own Additional: Open kitchen

 Three nights of peace, sleep and friendship with other special needs moms, adoptive moms, and adult female caregivers  who already understand your life challenges.     This weekend is exclusively for first-time guests to the Terrace Guest House.  Our inn functions like an Air BnB.  Breakfast is not provided.  Bring your own, cook in, or eat out!  OPEN KITCHEN, meals are the responsibility of the guests collectively.     Completely casual, sleep as long as you want.   No calendar, no schedule, totally free-style.   Zero expectations of you.  You don't even have to come out of your room if you don't want to :)     Requested minimum donation of $70+ directly supports our respite inn.   ADDITIONAL DONATIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.  ***  If you need a grant, please ask! ***   Donate once or set up monthly giving to "pay it forward" for other caregivers.   *** Ticket payments are made as donations and are non-refundable if you have to cancel. ***

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