Our Purpose

The goals of A Mother’s Rest are to:

  1. Redefine "respite" as it applies to  parents and caregivers who have loved ones with disabilities and/or chronic illness.  

  2.  Change the way caregiver respite is viewed and valued in the disability community as a whole.

  3. Promote the  long term significance of  "caring for the caregivers"...self-care is  just as important as self-sacrifice.

  4. Champion a societal paradigm shift making respite a proactive (not reactive) part of parental healthcare.

  5. Enable long-term caregivers  to allow themselves recuperative rest and therapeutic  fellowship outside of the home.

  6. Strengthen the overall health of the family unit to ensure the best care to these loved ones with special needs. 

  7. Make fellowship affordable, everywhere, and often to caregivers from all economic backgrounds.

  8. Empower & equip local communities to care for their extra needs families proactively.

  9. Become a premier national respite resource for families of disabled children & adults. 

The plans of  A Mother's Rest are to:

  1. Create a guilt-free, judgment-free, confidential  community where special needs caregivers can safely share the challenges they are facing in daily life.

  2. Provide material, therapeutic, in-person recuperative rest, fellowship & support exclusively to mothers and other caregivers of disabled children and adults.     

  3. Purchase and run our own Respite Retreat Inns regionally, nationwide. The provision of a physical place of sanctuary that is open year-round is the cornerstone of our efforts.  

  4. Leverage  a nationwide network of existing bed and breakfast inns to host year-round, personalized, small-group retreat events, for A Mother's Rest families.

  5. Coordinate special Signature AMR Events for couples, women, and families. (Mommy & Me, Jellystone Park, etc)

  6. Minimize the financial barrier to caregivers with the help of private, church, foundation and corporate sponsorship.

  7. Facilitate respite retreats in support of our military spouses/caregivers, couples, and the veterans themselves.

  8. Partner with existing local organizations to assist with child care while parents are  away on their retreats.

  9. Provide significant grant funding for disabled children to attend SUMMER CAMPS.  

  10. Support special needs families and caregivers in the local rural Virginia communities with financial and material assistance. (Raising Appalachia program).

  • Lawton Place Manor- Sep 30 Adoptive
    Fri, Sep 30
    AMR at Lawton Place Manor
    Sep 30, 12:00 PM – Oct 03, 3:00 PM
    AMR at Lawton Place Manor, 136 7th St, Mt Airy, GA 30563, USA
    Who: Adoptive & foster moms Where: Mt. Airy, GA When: Sep 30 - Oct 3, 2022 Guests: 7 private rooms with private & shared baths Cost: $50-$250 per person requested donation, grants may be avail Included: 3 nights lodging
  • The Terrace Guest House--Sep 30 Winter Group
    Fri, Sep 30
    The Terrace Guest House & Respite Inn
    Sep 30, 2:00 PM EDT – Oct 03, 3:00 PM EDT
    The Terrace Guest House & Respite Inn, 32 W Main St, New Market, MD 21774, USA
    Who: Special needs moms, adoptive moms & other adult female caregivers Where: New Market, MD When: Sep 30-Oct 3, 2022 Guests: 7 private rooms, private & shared baths Requested Donation: $50-$250 (grants may be avail) Included: 3 nights lodging Additional: Open kitchen