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A Mother's Rest is a network of non-profit, respite retreat inns created exclusively to serve mothers & other caregivers of loved ones with disabilities.   AMR coordinates  affordable, 3-night bed and breakfast respite retreats, providing caregivers with adequate time to decompress in an intimate, therapeutic environment.  This extended in-person fellowship with other parents who "get it" simply can not be duplicated in on-line Facebook groups.  As a non profit, we plan these retreats all over the country, year-round.  With the help of generous inn discounts, corporate sponsorship, small business support, church and civic group donations, and individual giving, we make these trips affordable to ALL parents.  


A Mother's Rest serves all parents & caregivers across the entire spectrum of "extra needs".   "Extra needs" includes all children, not just those with birth defects or developmental delays.    We support parents, caregivers, spouses of wounded veterans, special educators, and those caring for their own elderly, infirm parents at home.


A Mother's Rest Charitable Respite  Foundation

501c3 ID: 81-4965846

Virginia SCC ID: 08172710

Maryland FC ID: 0003682488

Donation Mailing Address:

32 W. Main St  New Market, MD 21774


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