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At A Mother's Rest, we believe that frequent, affordable respite is a key factor in keeping special needs parents and caregivers healthy.   Ensuring the best care of disabled children and adults means ensuring the best care for their parents.   The need is SO great across the nation for *affordable* respite, fellowship, and community living options among special needs families.


A Mother's Rest began with the idea for just one small respite inn located in rural central Virginia.   Our vision has grown from that one small respite inn to one that includes local and national partners and communities.  

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"Porch Partners" Bed & Breakfast Network

In order to serve as many caregivers as possible, we are building a network of existing bed and breakfast inns to host various respite retreats around the country.  Our goal is to coordinate up to (25) retreats across the US each calendar year.  

Through discounts from our inn partners and donations from corporate/church/civic/foundation/private individual giving, we aim to keep the out of pocket costs to families as low as possible, even free sometimes! 

We are grateful to our growing list of Porch Partners.  Join us!

Want to SPONSOR one of our retreats?    Many levels available! 

AMR Signature Events

In addition to our national network of "Porch Partner" Bed & Breakfast Inns, A Mother's Rest hosts several larger, signature events each year as well.

1) Mommy & Me:  Moms of children/adults with extra needs can enjoy a 3-night retreat with their NON special needs son or daughter at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel in Jekyll Island, GA.  This is special one-on-one time that every child needs. Typically held in March of each year. 

2) #SLEEPMATTERS Cruise: Exclusively for moms of children/adults with extra needs, as well as spouses of disabled veterans and special educators as well.  Four nights at sea to do everything or nothing.  All meals included.   Moms can come solo in a private room or share with one other extra needs mom.  Typically held in February of each year. 

3) YOGI BEAR  Family "Glamping" Trip:  The PERFECT, affordable extra needs family vacation.  Don't miss it.  Best family trip you'll ever take.  The park is booked entirely for our families, so you're on a private family trip with 100 other extra needs families!   Choose from (seven) different cabin types/floor plans, as well as tent and RV sites.  Held every year in July at Jellystone Park in Mammoth Cave, KY.  

4) Buddy Cruise: The ultimate "world-school" adventure for families of those with extra needs!  Originally begun for families of Down syndrome, it now is open and inclusive to all disabilities.  Buddy Cruise is an educational conference at sea, and includes scheduled speakers and presentations, as well as many organized group activities! 

Afton, VA Cornerstone Initiative

Our "Home Base" cornerstone will be located in Afton, VA.  What we intend to build here includes:

  • Secluded respite inn for parents

  • Office space & part-time residence for staff

  • Planned public community to employ disabled individuals from central Virginia

  • Coffee shop exclusively serving products from our partners at Dreamers

  • Wine tasting room

  • Garden market

  • Therapeutic rescue animal farm

  • Thrift shop

  • Inclusive park/playground area

  • Residential retirement community for parents and their disabled adult children

We invite philanthropic investment and community support from local Virginia businesses, foundations, civic groups, churches, and private individuals to help fund these valuable programs.   Please contact Andrea Faris Roberts with questions or inquiries.

Franchise AMR B&B Respite Retreats

The fourth leg of our retreat offering is to purchase, renovate, expand, and run our own respite retreat B&B's in several states across the country.   Have you ever dreamed of running your own B&B?  Now is the time!  These would be open year-round as private businesses, but made available to host (1) three-nigh event per month for AMR guests.   It would be fully open to non-AMR guests for revenue during non-event weeks. 

We are actively seeking:

  • Couples & individuals in a position to purchase and reside in these amazing homes.

  • Real estate  investors, foundations, and philanthropists to assist us in preserving historic homes across the country 

  • Prospective B&B owners and managers to become AMR franchisees, making these retreats available as desired and running as a business the rest of the year.  

  • Donations of historic real estate/property/homes to use for such purposes are welcomed, and would be tax deductible contributions to A Mother's Rest.  

  • Real estate attorneys to guide the process.


Please contact innkeeper@amothersrest.org if you have questions, ideas, or suggestions in helping us launch these retreat centers one by one.   These will be even more cost effective and available for our own retreat programming in the long term.  

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