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Mommy & Me Trips
Georgia*Texas*New Jersey

Mommy & Me trips are an AMR signature and annual respite offering.   

Our Mommy & Me trips give you three nights away, in a magical setting, to reconnect and make special memories with your "neuro-typical" children and your own mom.  


Since our first trip to the Jekyll Island Club Resort in 2018, these trips have become a cherished time away for special needs moms and their *non*-disabled children, or even with their own mom!

In 2024, we held our 7th Annual Mommy & Me in Jekyll Island, GA.  By popular demand, we expanded to an additional location in Texas!  And in 2025, we have added yet another amazing venue (NJ) to serve our caregiving families. 

When you are caregiving full time for a loved one with extra needs, it can be all consuming.  That individual's needs often dictate what/when/how/where everything the family does.   It's your "normal", but that doesn't make it ideal.  It is very easy for us as parents to leave the more self-sufficient ones to themselves.  It's easy to get wound up in our own fatigue and busy-ness and to slack on nurturing that all-important one-on-one relationship every child craves.


Mommy & Me Memories

Our 7th Annual Mommy & Me trip is now scheduled for  April 5-8, 2024  in Jekyll Island, GA.   (54) rooms in the Historic District of varying guest plans are available to our group.   It's a little earlier next year and no ocean front rooms are available in our block, but  they will still go fast! 




Moms & typical daughters/sons or Moms and their moms.   Two special needs mom or caregiver friends.  Solo moms , adoptive/foster moms,  and special educators welcome too. 

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