Mommy & Me Trips

My Aunt Sandi always told me "don't skimp on the memories.  Even if it costs money, go make those memories together while your kids are young."


Our Mommy & Me trips help you reconnect with those in your life who are most-oft (unintentially) neglected...your "typical" children and your own mom.  

When you are the parent of a child with extra needs, it can be all consuming.  That child's needs often dictate what/when/how/where everything the family does.   It's your "normal", but that doesn't make it ideal.  It is very easy for us as parents to leave the more self-sufficient ones to themselves.  It's easy to get wound up in our own fatigue and busy-ness and to slack on nurturing that all-important one-on-one relationship every child craves.

Me with my Mom, 1975

At the same time, when was the last time you spent quality time with your OWN mom?  (if she is still living)  I was the oldest of five kids, and this part of our program is very much driven by my desire to have one-on-one time with my mom again!   Her name is Julie .  They used to call me "Julie's Drooly Baby" :)   If we hit enough wineries, I can be her drooly baby again .  

Our 2nd Annual Mommy & Me trip is now scheduled for  March 12-15, 2020  in Jekyll Island, GA.   Moms & typical daughters/sons or Moms and their moms.   Solo moms, spouses, and special educators welcome too. 

Buddy Cruise 2015 with my son, Owen--St. Kitts
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