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Porch Partner Program

The Bluefield Inn, Bluefield, WV

 A Mother's Rest is a 501c3 non profit which coordinates affordable respite retreats exclusively for parents, caregivers, and spouses of individuals with disabilities.  Acknowledging the extraordinary efforts they put in, we are creating affordable ways for them to make frequent respite a proactive part of their health regimen.  Their children need them healthy! 

Our national network of AMR Porch Partners is a critical part of our service offering.  

Your partnership with A Mother's Rest makes it easier for our special needs parents to get away throughout the year, within driving distance, and at low cost.     

We schedule trips for Moms, Dads, Couples, Mommy & Me, and Families

Join our elite list of "inns who give back" in every state  to support special needs caregivers!  

***Value of your gift is 100% tax deductible as an advertising expense ***  



Offer your full inn at $150 per guest/room ($50 per night) for just three nights on dates convenient to you.


Through our partnership with you, A Mother's Rest provides:

  • Full inclusion in our local and national press releases 

  • An event page featuring this event, and your inn, on our website.

  • Prominent & permanent home page visibility

  • Weekly social media sharing on Facebook and Twitter. 

  • Promotional materials including brochures and drink coasters for your living areas


Here is a little more info about what happens next.


  • AMR is a 501c3 tax exempt registered non profit.

  • We're looking for one Fri-Mon 3-night weekend, dates at your convenience,  that we can offer to our online network of moms & other caregivers for $150 for the whole 3 nights plus breakfast.  If you're able to host more than once a year, that is much appreciated! 

  • These retreats are typically single occupancy in the rooms, unless a room has two separate beds or we agree to host a couples retreat.  If it is a couples retreat, the cost is $190 for the weekend.

  • The majority of our retreats book out solid. When they don't, we give you plenty of time to release your rooms to other guests.

  • Once we agree on a date, you'd block all of your rooms off for that time period,

  • I'd set up an event page for you similar to this one:

  • Your inn logo and link would also be added prominently and permanently to our home page.

  • AMR does all of the marketing , advertising, and registration for the event.

  • You don't have to field any phone calls or email inquiries from the individual guests.  We handle all of that for you!

  • I will send a rooming list and funds to you directly from A Mother's Rest via check the week before the event.

  • Our retreats are completely free-style.  They are meant to offer recuperative rest.  We do not offer any "programs", only quiet, respite time for the ladies to do as much or as little as they want.

  • Once the parents register, we set up a private FB event group just for them to be able to get to know each other ahead of the trip, and then communicate during and after.

  • We don't need anything from you as the innkeeper other than what you already provide.  Breakfast, a smile, and some guidance on activities, restaurants, massage options, etc.

  • We will submit local and national press releases about the event, and hope they contact you for an interview!

  • AMR does not make any money from these retreats. At this time, we are completely volunteer staffed, and depend on private donations for our basic operating expenses.

  • Take a look at our growing EVENT CALENDAR!

  • Please follow our public page at

  • READ OUR REVIEWS!  Our parents value this time away so greatly. 

When you partner with AMR, we offer:

  • Permanent and prominent home page visibility on our website, including logo, contact info, web link, & search feature. 

  • Social media posting (FB, twitter, etc)

  • Inclusion in local press releases.

  • Periodic inclusion in our newsletters & blog posts.  

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