Parent Respite Retreats

Affordable.  Everywhere.  Often.

A Mother's Rest specializes in coordinating  therapeutic respite retreats for parents of children with extra needs.   We support bio & adoptive moms, dads, and other family caregivers of children and adults with *extra needs*.  Our small group bed and breakfast gatherings allow you to get true, recuperative rest to address physiological and mental fatigue.  Come recenter and recharge with us.   Give a retreat to a friend.  You don't have to be at the end of your rope to participate.  Take what you need, and give what you can.   #SLEEPMATTERS 

Just for Moms

Whether you're shy or outgoing, our freestyle, no-schedule, sleep-until-you-want-to format works for everyone.

Just for Dads aka "The Atlas Club"

Extra needs dads carry SO much on their shoulders in support of their family.  Our Dads retreats are scheduled at comfortable, casual inns.  We choose locations with plenty of activities for you to do (or not).  Retreats are our Maryland Terrace Guest House are FREE.  Breweries, restaurants, hiking, golf, fishing, historic venues...or sleep for 3 days and don't shower.  

For Couples

Maintaining your marriage when you have a disabled child can be very challenging.  Join us once a year, at locations across the country, for special couples retreats!

Mommy & Me Trips

Our Mommy & Me trips are special because they give moms extended time away with one of their *typical* children.   It is an unintended consequence, but it's very easy for non extra needs siblings to get lost in the shuffle of care at home.   Bring your daughter, or if you don't have daughters, bring your own Mom! 

Soldiers & Veterans

These retreats are for moms and dads of disabled children whose are either actively deployed or veterans.  We also serve caregivers of injured/disabled veterans.

For Families

The Buddy Cruise & Jellystone Park

Sometimes we struggle to find fun family vacations that all of our kids can enjoy.    We also struggle with finding places that are safe for our kids, and can actually give us a bit of a breather too.  The Buddy Cruise is exclusively for families of children and adults with any extra need.   Bio and adoptive families welcome!   It's great for just moms, couples, friends, and whole families!   And our annual family "glamping" trip to Jellystone Park in Mammoth Cave, KY is one you shouldn't miss!   Affordable furnished cabins and Yogi Bear, you can't go wrong!

Buddy Cruise:   2017--FL to The Bahamas     2018:  TX to the Caribbean

Jellystone Park:  2018--July 13-17

Adoption Prep & Post-Adopt Support

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