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Home Base

Original 1898 Farmhouse

The cornerstone of A Mother's Rest is  having our own B&B inn, exclusively for the use of caregivers raising children & adults with special needs.  The plan for "home base" is to purchase, restore, and expand my family's farm house in the rolling hills of Afton, VA.  Our family goes back five generations in this area, to 1821.  This is a very personal mission...not only to serve mothers of children with special needs, but to  preserve the future of our family property!    


The house and property are currently on the market for sale at $235,000.  29 acres at the end of a cul-de-sac, with an 1898 farmhouse ready to be restored.   Extremely desirable area, centrally located, easy to reach, with plenty of year-round activities for guests to enjoy.  


After 118 years, it is in rough shape.  It will require extensive renovation and expansion to meet my vision.  Many more photos of the current condition are available here.  Some would say it should be leveled.  That defeats the purpose of saving my family's history, AND our overarching theme of restoration....of history, home, health, heart & spirit.   It will cost approximately $300,000 additional to restore, renovate, & expand the house for guests as a business. 


A Mother's Rest is actively seeking investors for purchase and renovation, and ongoing donors to support the cost of our visiting families.   All contributions to our inn are tax-deductible!!   Donors can contribute in many ways that will also benefit you (time share, legacy giving, etc).

My vision is to expand the house to include:

  • More bedrooms (2 ADA suites on the first floor)

  •  3 additional bathrooms

  • Increased kitchen, dining and living space

  • Solarium

  • An exercise room

  • Full wrap around front and rear porch  

  • Informal, rural farmhouse feel in decor

  • A vegetable garden

  • An innkeeper's cottage (salary for full-time live-in staff)

  • A barn down the hill for animals

  • Parking area

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