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Mothers tend to be the primary caregivers of children at home.   But at A Mother's Rest, we recognize how much Dads give too.   Dads of children with special needs also carry the stress of Mom's daily strains, not to mention holding down a full time job and providing a significant amount financially for the family.   


Contact us to inquire about a location and specific diagnosis group event!  We can organize multiple Dads retreats at various BnB's across the country.   Or Dads can gather their own SN dad friends and plan their own getaway at any one of our Fellowship Friends locations!  

  • Bio Dads

  • Adoptive Dads

  • Single or Divorced Dads



"Dads may be less inclined to talk about their feelings at a parenting group, but they want to connect. Oftentimes they look to other dads to figure out what they're supposed to do as a father, and many dads say that they feel a responsibility to help other fathers improve their parenting skills."

February 1-4, 2019

The Terrace Guest House

New Market, MD

Read this GREAT blog post from one of the dads who attended our first #ATLASCLUB retreat!  


Similar to the Moms Retreats, come do nothing or do everything.  Sleep as long as you want.  Shower if you feel like it. Have cold pizza for breakfast and beer for lunch. Make some new friends who are also living your life.  Use your time away to talk about your struggles, or...well, not.  We all know guys won't do that.  But you can talk about how much you love (or hate) the Red Sox?   The Cowboys?   How about the role of your faith in your parenting...?  Important things. And if you have  great family support at home to cover for you, we can coordinate COUPLES RETREATS too!  A marriage tends to go by the wayside when parents are frazzled and fried.  Find a way to make it happen!   Questions or ideas?  Email us. 

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