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North Carolina Capital Campaign
Restoring History, Health, Heart & Hope

Since our inception in 2017, A Mother's Rest has provided affordable, frequent, nationwide respite opportunities to more than 4000 parents & caregivers who have loved ones with disabilities and/or chronic illness.  

Our network of "Porch Partners", existing B&B inns who offer our guests discounted rates several weekends per year, are a crucial part of our service offering.   We currently have (43) partners in (20) states.  We continue to seek new partners every month. 

However, our unique, first-of-it's-kind platform  of private, foundation-owned and managed, year-round respite inns serves the most caregivers annually.  Having our own inns allows us the flexibility of being available as needed, and to schedule weekends for many different diagnosis-specific retreats.  Long term, it is our organizational plan to own many historic B&B type respite inns regionally, all over the country.

In 2018, we opened the nation's first year-round caregiver respite inn in Central Maryland.  In 2020, we opened a second inn in the mountains of North Georgia.  Every weekend we are booked solid, with 10+ on the wait list and retreats booked nearly a year in advance.  We are already scheduled through 2023.  The need is SO great, and the HOPE and HEALING our respite inns bring to these parents & caregivers can only be measured in their attendance and overwhelmingly positive reviews and testimonials.


In 2022, our goal is to acquire and open a third respite inn in eastern North Carolina, exclusively for our veterans, their families, and their wives/mothers as caregivers.  This location is ideal because more than (65) US military bases, camps, airfields, naval ports, and other installations are located between Delaware and South Carolina alone.  The challenges of military life are inherently great, and are exponentially multiplied if you're also raising a child with disabilities.  These individuals share a common bond, and can greatly benefit from time away to breathe and rest in quiet fellowship with others like them.  

mil couples.jpg

Veteran Couples at Lawton Place Manor in North Georgia

Boots on the Ground FB Cover.png

We are actively pursuing a beautiful 1907 Victorian in the town of Clayton, NC, southeast of Raleigh.   With 7 bedrooms and 8 baths, it is already running as a successful B&B.    The rooms are all large, and can accommodate King beds, meaning couples retreats will be possible there.  It has one ground floor room and another parlor that could be retrofitted as a full ADA room for our guests who need that. 

With a full wrap-around porch, a ramp, ample parking, in a small, historic town, this is an ideal location with meets the needs of our many guests.

As always, we are up against the clock to raise capital funding from many different sources.   Funds donated will be held  for the purchase of this Veteran Focused Respite Inn until we raise what we need for the right property.



1)  This inn will exclusively support veterans, their spouses, and other caregivers of Wounded Warriors year-round.  It is also open to active duty service members, both men, women, and couples.  

2  If you are a spouse, parent, or significant other caring for a combat-injured veteran (including physical injury, PTSD, etc), please join our private FB support group at

3) Lead the fundraising charge to help us purchase a new inn with dedicated year-round respite inn space just for these spouses and caregivers!  DONATE via DonorBox and SHARE with everyone you know.

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