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2019 Tax Receipt Information

Friends, it's Tax Time again!

Important information for you regarding any charitable contributions you may have made to A Mother's Rest in 2019.

1) If you donated directly through our website, via check, or cancelled a retreat and your payment became a donation, I can send you a contribution statement. Please send an email to me at with the subject line of 'TAX RECEIPT INQUIRY".

2) If you donated via Facebook (we have a lot of those fundraisers!), you can find those donations in your own Facebook settings, Your individual contribution is not provided to us when we recv the check from Facebook. It still counts, it's just documented in your Facebook account instead of with AMR directly.

3) Once you recv your contribution statement from us, please let us know if you see any discrepancies or if anything seems to be missing. Happy to work with you to rectify/clarify.

Thank you for all of your generous giving in 2019!

Andrea Roberts

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